I am a self taught artist. I started my black and white drawings in the classroom at eight years old while trying to tune out the voices of my teachers. They started as black and white because I wrote with a black ink felt cartridge pen, black ink because my dad only wrote in black so I copied him. Some years later I started using black paint, canvases and a 0 mm brush. I only paint in black and white, I like the simple yet complex contrast. Black is my favorite color ( red is almost equal). As I met different artists in Washington DC, I went through a short influential period of colors. My process is spiritual, I surrender and let my mind transcends limitations. I follow my brush and trust the completion, how it may be. I studied science, the shapes, lines of my work are influenced by geometry, math, biology classes.. A poem I wrote about my art:

They are my visions yet your own  They are my words without the noise of a sound  They are love  They are joy  They are quietude  They are pain  They are fears  They are strength and courage  They are sacrifices  They are an unknown beginning yet a certain finish  They evolve and transform  They are secretive much doesn't meet the eye at first glance  They are my dreams  They are foremost a gift and blessing from Allah